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sam. pissburgh. 17. film. hit me with your cars.


Telecommunication b/w Intro/Tanglimara
A Flock Of Seagulls, Jive Records/UK (1981)

everyones at their cutest when theyre riding a bike. 



How do you live like what if some Kleenex boy is trying to flirt w/ u 500 days of summer style like “what are you listening to?” **opens one headphone “BRAINBOMBS-ANAL DESIRE” and you haven’t brushed your teeth either

hey as you can see I like driving, swerving, whipping, AND dipping.

LEGENDS lovedogs1990

I only date guys or gals named Edith


Kill The Hippies - Deadbeats

"Send them back to San Francisco"

tfw it’s sunday

Coming together

just me, you, and this digorno rising crust pizza bb.

Me and morgie so used to being able to get slurps whenever we want. The dream has been crushed by the cruel realities of semi yung adult life.