sam. pissburgh. 16. film. hit me with your cars.
cuz maybe sum ppl think 'foxes on fictin' is kinda gay or something.


if you don’t feel the heterosexual universe completely melt away while listening Foxes in Fiction then just go drink beer in your garage and jerk off to a classic rock guitar solo or something lol


vashtifunyun i better see u the night i get back aka the night before you leave forevr

Yesssss! What day do you get back?


How bout lars von trier come film me licking all the handrails on the subway, super sexy, super secular, totally authentic

I need my tummy to be rubbed but also don’t touch me



huckleberry on her first walk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"hmm. that’s an awfully bright circle in the sky there. hm."

Yo but actually fuck the movie Her

fresh cut grass